Colouring Services at Tim Hyde Atelier

Are you looking to add some colour to your hair, but not sure which service is right for you? Here's our guide to the colouring services we offer at Tim Hyde Hairdressing.

The first thing that you might notice when you book for a colour with us is that we recommend that it's done after a cut, instead of before. Most hairdressers will colour hair first, then while it's still wet move on to the cut. They save time this way, but we think you'll prefer the result we achieve when we cut your hair before the colour. Once we've finished cutting your hair into style, we can colour your hair in a way that blends perfectly with your new style, and we aren't cutting out any of your new colour from the ends of your hair.


You might have heard a big fuss being made about balayage recently in the media. While it's become really popular only recently, as a technique it's actually been around since the 1970s. Balayage comes from the French word for 'sweep', or 'paint', and it involves the colourist painting colour directly onto small sections of hair. There can be just a few sections, or many sections: it's all about creating a very natural, sun-kissed, look.

Here's how balayage looks during and after the colour:

Balayage during application

You'll notice that cling-film is used to keep the coloured strands separate from the rest of the hair. This makes application and removal much faster, in comparison to foils, and it means that the colourist can see the colour developing on the hair, to remove it at exactly the right time.

balayage after application

There are lots of advantages to balayage:

  • it takes less time than traditional highlights;
  • the end result is soft and subtle, enhancing your natural style and colour;
  • balayage grows out very naturally, so you can go longer between appointments;
  • the technique is kinder to hair than traditional foil highlights.

Tim Hyde learned balayage from the colourist who first brought the technique to the UK and US, and so if you're looking for a balayage colourist in Sheffield or the North of England, you've come to the right place.

Balayage pricing at Tim Hyde Hairdressing starts at £45 for front sections.

Traditional full-head colour and highlights

We also offer full-head colour, and traditional highlights, for those who prefer a stronger colour that makes more of an impact. As with our balayage and flamboyage services, we recommend that you come for a cut first, and come back a few days later for the colour. This way the new style has a chance to settle into your hair and we can make the best colour recommendations based on your new hairstyle.

Traditional colouring services at Tim Hyde Hairdressing start at £49.

Have you made up your mind? Book your new colour now!