About Tim Hyde Hairdressing

tim-hyde-photoTim Hyde is passionate about bringing out the best in each client's hair.

With over 15 years' experience, Tim has been fortunate to train under some of the world's most influential hair artists. This has enabled Tim to establish a unique understanding of both colouring and cutting hair.

Working with clients on a one-to-one basis, each cut and colour is tailored to the individual client, taking into consideration a client's unique features, lifestyle and personality.

Tim believes that the best way to truly meet his clients' needs is by working with the natural fall of the hair. Creating movement and texture that complements and enhances the client's hair and lifestyle will result in a hairstyle being much easier to maintain and manage between visits to the salon.

We asked Tim to share more about his personal ethos.

Q: What would you say is your driving force?

Tim: I'm passionate about making the most of what nature creates. I guess it's quite an Italian approach to life. I love good food, wine, coffee. I love finding great raw ingredients and preparing them in a way that shows them at their best. Then it's even better if I can enjoy them with friends.

My approach to hair is similar. I love working with a client to bring out the best in their hair, creating a style that inspires the client to really enjoy their hair between visits - the feel of it, the look of it, how easy it is to manage and style.

Q: And how does that apply to the way you manage the salon and your team?

Tim: It's central to every decision I make. With my team, it's vital to me that any new staff member be as passionate as I am about bringing out the best in clients' hair. To work here, they need to see hairdressing more like a vocation - a way of life almost - not just a job where they put in the hours and go home. James and Daisy are fantastic and they share my vision, and we're currently looking for a senior stylist who does the same.

Then it's also central to the product lines we choose to partner with. We use Oribe and Davines, and they're both brands with amazing credentials, both in creating products that really work on real hair, and also in choosing to use sustainable, natural ingredients and packaging wherever possible. They never compromise on quality, either, and our clients really love what they're able to do with their hair when using these products.



James has been an integral part of Tim Hyde Hairdressing since the beginning.

James has established a loyal clientele in both cutting and colouring James also has a passion for mens hair and is an expert in all types of barbering techniques. 

James is well known for his attention to detail and personal service for all of his clients. 


 daisyDaisy has quickly established a reputation as one of the countries top young colourists.

Having trained under Tim from the tender age of 14 she has a true passion and creativity for all aspects of colour.

Daisy has recently trained under Jack Howard who is widely regarded as both the introducer of the Balayage technique into the UK and also the countries foremost balayage expert.

Daisy has also developed a reputation as our colour correction specialist.

An appointment with Daisy is an essential part of the ultimate colour service.


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