Great haircuts are making a comeback, and here's why.

One of the greatest new stars to emerge from Wimbledon this year, in my opinion, is the Duchess of Cambridge's new haircut. Since any of us can remember, Kate Middleton's locks have been beautiful, long, and glossy, tumbling in curls down her back or pinned up in timeless styles.

Now, however, the Duchess has opted for a look that is far more suited to her lifestyle. With all that life as a Royal and a mother demands of her, Kate's shorter hair will be much easier to maintain. It's lighter, so will hold volume better when she's working long days in the public eye. She'll still be able to tie it back easily, and wear it in her signature updos, but it will also be easier to wash and quicker to blow-dry.

As a hairdresser, these are the sorts of cuts I love best: perfectly suited to the individual, making the most of their features while also making their life easier. When done well, these cuts can also become iconic in their own right. The Duchess's cut is already being dubbed the 'kob' (the Kate bob, as it's a little longer than the 'lob' favoured by other celebrities in recent years).

Further back, Audrey Hepburn's bold short cuts set a new style for her generation. Accentuating her bright eyes while also complementing her free-spirited nature, this haircut was perfect for Audrey and for the late 60s in general.

Great haircuts like these can be hard to come by. They require a lot of technical expertise, but it can be even trickier to find a hairdresser who can craft your hair into a style that suits you, your life, and your style. At Tim Hyde Hairdressing this is what we try to offer to every single one of our clients: why not book in for a free consultation and see if we can help you discover your hair's true style?